Weight Loss

This is my personalised option for those discerning individuals who would prefer to have my expertise and attention at their beckon call, 24/7. You may not need me every day but most agree that it’s nice to know I am there if needed.

Contact can be face to face or online should location make the former impractical and/or unfeasible. Face to face over skype delivers the same accountability ‘nudge’ as physical face to face anyway, just ask my Perth, Australia clients Jason and Alex…


This is an exclusive, high end programme which runs over 8 weeks, limited to just 3 clients per cycle.

If the prospect of working with me on a 1-2-1 basis for your Weight Loss specific goals is of interest, then let’s see if we are a good fit by having a 20min ‘Breakthrough call’ together, the first step to making this happen!


If an online, semi-group structure is more to your liking then my men only MANtra programme could be what you need to finally get a full understanding of nutrition, the practical applications and holistic elements of healthy eating and weight loss.

MANtra is a leading (and frankly life changing) Nutrition and Shape Up programme exclusively for men. It harnesses my 8 years of scientific study and 15+ years of professional practical experience distilling it down to a modular 8 week online programme. This draws from the same content used in my high end, premium 1-2-1 programme and takes you through the entire ‘Shape Up’ journey from Mindset, Goal Setting, Male Hormones (to name a few examples) right through to considerations and applications for Lasting Change.

Be ready to ‘get comfortable with being uncomfortable’ because you’ve got to do what you’ve GOT to do so you can be what you WANT to be. And that probably isn’t what you’re doing right now!

Find out how MANtra will change the way you approach nutrition forever.