About Me

Hi I’m Tom, founder of Tom Irving Nutrition Ltd and MANtra

The above programmes and tools have been designed to work synergistically to get you results that are not only lasting, but are also reproducible…a personalised nutritional algorithm if you like.

If I could place a statement on a billboard that exhibits my values, it would be the following:
“With a Degree in Dietetics, ethics, integrity and professional validity are at the core of my practice”

Whilst that’s all well and good, why should you trust me?

A very valid question for what can be a poorly moderated industry. Well in short, I have done my time in the trenches and have the credentials and portfolio to back it up.

Academic Credibility

Thanks to my incredibly supportive family I was able to earn two Honours degrees in straight succession after A- levels, the first being Sports Science from UEA and the second in Dietetics from one of the leading Dietetics Universities in the UK, the University of Hertfordshire.

I went straight into an immensely enjoyable and challenging career in the NHS, followed by a 4 year stint in the fast paced and ever changing world of Sports Nutrition Supplements. During this time I developed nutrition supplements as well as advising several athletes including International Bodybuilders and Professional MMA fighters.  Realising that nutrition consulting was the thing that got me excited every day, I took on the role as Performance Nutritionist to Ipswich Town Football Club and founded Tom Irving Nutrition Ltd.

The Tom Irving Nutrition Clinic has enabled me to advise world class athletes, business owners and their respective businesses, as well as numerous members of the public all at the same time. It is this synergy and variety of individuals that has provided me with a true holistic and individualistic understanding of what really works when it comes to nutrition.

Looking in depth at your likes and dislikes, aversions and intolerances, lifestyle and occupation, time (or lack thereof), socioeconomics, interests and hobbies to name but a few… the simple stuff, basically all of the things that make you, YOU.

From here we can construct a plan that fits YOUR unique requirements.

I play the role of detective, I ask all clients carefully selected and insightful questions to tease out the maximal relevant information needed to truly personalise your plan and nutritional strategy.

“You don’t know what you don’t know”

You can’t fix something if you don’t know it’s broken.

Then you have to know WHAT’S broken.

And more to the point you’ve got to know HOW to fix it once you’ve identified it.

Holistic and Individualistic practice

An intense course in nutrition teaches you the basics, but that’s not enough to truly understand the intricacies and multi-faceted relationship of human health, wellbeing and nutrition.

A practitioner might tell you that carbohydrate loading is good before a long run or triathlon, but they probably won’t understand the osmotic shift of fluid that accompanies the high intake of carbohydrate, consequently they may fail to warn you that the benefit of the carbs may be outweighed (literally) by the bloating and respective increase in water weight in the build-up to the event.

Similarly an inexperienced practitioner might suggest you go the other way and cut carbs completely in an attempt to lose weight, failing to acknowledge the hypercaloric restriction they were observing for months before has completely extinguished their metabolism and fat burning potential.

Tom’s credentials and experience is why he gets high performing clients.

Understanding the subject of nutrition in its entirety is why Tom gets results.

Making nutrition personal and sustainable is why the results last a lifetime.

Why employ me as your Nutritionist? 

  • Degree in Dietetics & Clinical Performance Nutritionist
  • 15 years of applied nutrition consultancy
  • I work with the established elite including International Athletes and businessmen/women, as well as aspiring members of the general public
  • 100’s of testimonial supported RESULTS
  • Evidence based practitioner
  • Continually Professionally Developed (CPD)
  • Full Treatment and Professional Liability Insurance

 What do you get?

  • 1 to 1 sessions with Tom online or at his Harley Street, Ipswich or Clacton practice
  • Fully personalised nutrition plans and lifestyle relevant strategy
  • Nutrition led health and performance optimisation for family, business, fitness and sport
  • Truly bespoke and evidence based nutrition to suit a ‘time poor’ society
  • Guidance in the strategic application of nootropics to support energy, mental acuity and focus
  • Simple yet impactful interventions that you can easily apply to your daily routine

Whether you need to improve health, deliver sustained energy levels, optimise concentration and mental acuity or simply feel better within yourself, there is a bespoke plan for you.

To employ my Nutrition services please enter your details below or CONTACT ME for your FREE 30 minute break- through consultation.

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