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The Tom Irving Nutrition ethos:


“My goal is to simplify and demystify the science of nutrition in a way that my client can understand and apply”.

So far so good then…

Tom has enjoyed a lot of success following the above motto with his online and clinic based clients enjoying, and I quote, “life changing results” time and time again. Tom has gradually and organically earned his reputation as a trusted figure in the nutrition and health industry.

Tom is recognised as a clinical, evidence based nutrition expert thanks in part to time spent in the NHS working as a Dietitian, but also for his ongoing role as Performance Nutritionist to International Athletes and the lay public. He works with clients on a one to one and group basis to help them meet their nutritional and health needs in what is a high pressure society that demands results. These result driven pressures come from bosses, businesses and sports, as well as spouses, partners and friends! The pressure is on.

Whether you’re interested in working with Tom in clinic or online, his methods remain consistent as an assimilation of both his clinical Dietetic training and his own, evidence based techniques. Although it is imperative that professional guidelines and standards are met every time, Tom’s professional experience enables him to mould these rigid processes into something that is changeable and personal to suit YOU and YOUR needs.

Your Journey…

This journey is about YOU, how I can assist and work with you to reach whatever personal goal you might have. It most definitely isn’t about me, or showing you how clever I am or how many big words I can fit into a consultation, I leave that to the egocentrics out there.

My job is to define your nutritional needs, form a nutritional diagnosis, implement a plan and intervention, and guide you through the process until we reach your goals. Simple.

Note I said SIMPLE, not EASY…there’s a BIG difference. If it were easy you ‘simply’ wouldn’t value it as much.

I believe it takes a skilled and honest practitioner to be able to take something complex and disseminate it in a way that is both understandable and practicable by the client.

Egos closed. Minds opened.

Health, wellbeing, weight loss, fitness and optimal performance are multi-faceted by nature, which is why I will work with you to peel back the layers of your nutritional needs, set realistic goals and show you the way to your end destination in the most direct, simplistic and sustainable manner possible.

This doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, but it certainly isn’t going to be delivered in a complex, egotistical manner that massages the Nutritionist’s self-esteem, all at the cost of bamboozling and demoralising you as the client who don’t care for certificates and terms…you care for RESULTS!  

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Still not convinced? Need something a little more tangible?

Why employ me as your Nutritionist? 

  • Degree in Dietetics & Clinical Performance Nutritionist
  • 15 years of applied nutrition consultancy
  • I work with the established elite including International Athletes and businessmen/women, as well as aspiring members of the general public
  • 100’s of testimonial supported RESULTS
  • Evidence based practitioner
  • Continually Professionally Developed (CPD)
  • Full Treatment and Professional Liability Insurance

And get this (here’s the clincher)…

WE WILL ACTUALLY TALK to one another! Yep, good old fashioned conversation will be had. And get this, I will even LISTEN too (yes really) and not talk or sell at you for the duration of the call.

“Nobody knows their body better than you”

So as a practitioner I make a point of shutting up and listening from time to time. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason right? We will work collaboratively so that we come up with a mutually agreeable plan that can be tracked, monitored and amended if and when needed in order to pave the most direct route to your goals as possible.

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